The AfterHours Podcast

Listen to all your favorite bar and restaurant owners to learn what it’s like to run a socially engaging business. We release NEW episodes every Tuesday morning.

The AfterHours Podcast

Listen to all your favorite bar and restaurant owners to learn what it’s like to run a socially engaging business. We release NEW episodes every Tuesday morning.

About the Series

Who are we? Why are we creating this podcast? Why am I reading this segment in Morgan Freeman’s voice? I’ll tell you why. It’s because The AfterHours Podcast is the best damn podcast that sits down and talks with bar and restaurant owners to discover what it’s like to run an engaging company. Join us on our journey to look through the eyes of your local food entrepreneurs. Sit back, grab a drink from your local brewery, and enjoy.

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Flora-Bama is a legendary beach bar covering miles of waterfront real estate from Perdido Key, FL to Orange Beach, AL. Frankie and Dan talk with the Director of Entertainment & Beverage, Brandon Parnell, who schedules thousands of live shows each year as well as plans massive events like the Mullet Toss.

Episode 26   |    73 min

Recent Episodes

Lee Spirits

Episode 25

We had the pleasure of talking with Nick Lee, co-founder of Lee Spirits Co, and Phil Taylor – Head of R&D on this week’s podcast. Lee Spirits is the best distillery in Colorado known for its world-class selection of gin. Originally specializing in gin but recently they have added hard lemonade, whiskey, and a variety of liqueurs to their product lineup

Spotty Dog Books & Ale

Episode 24

Spotty Dog Books & Ale was one of the first bookstores in America to offer beer and wine to patrons in their bookstore. Located in Hudson, NY, Spotty Dog is the perfect place to go for relaxation, engaging conversations, and local brews. Frankie and Joey discuss books, drinks, movies, and much more with owners Kelley and Alan.

Maxine's Taproom

Episode 23

Frankie and Joey talk with Hannah Withers from the best bar in Arkansas, Maxine’s Taproom. The legendary cocktail bar is named after the original owner, Maxine Miller, who opened the doors back in 1950. Hannah is now the caretaker of Maxine’s Taproom and the owner of multiple restaurants in Fayetteville, AR.

Johnny's Tavern

Episode 22

Johnny’s Tavern has quickly become a staple of the East New Market community in Maryland, known for its delicious seafood, live music, and cold drinks. Frankie and Joey talk with Hunter Fooks, an experienced aircraft pilot who took ownership of Johnny’s in 2019. Hunter shares his adventures from the air and behind the bar.

Oak and Ivy

Episode 21

Daniel and Frankie sit down with one of the best Whiskey Bars in the United States. Pioneering the revival of Downtown Las Vegas, Oak & Ivy is a cocktail bar inside of an abandoned shipping container with delicious drinks, extraordinary staff, and a unique atmosphere.

Genoa Bar

Episode 20

“Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor”

Genoa Bar is a staple in Nevada with over 160 years of history.  Frankie and Dan talk with their GM, Lindsey McInnerny, who shares many great stories about the historic watering hole.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Episode 19

Frankie and Joey talk with the owner of Haymarket Whiskey Bar, one of the best whiskey bars in the US. Haymarket carries over 400 whiskeys and even has whiskey by the barrel! Dark spirit enthusiasts, grab a drink and listen to Matthew Landan’s journey from overseas journalist to proprietor of the best bar in Louisville.

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Frankie DeLaTorre

Frankie DeLaTorre


I am your host Fransisco DeLaTorre, but most of my friends call me Frankie or Maestro. I am an MBA student at the University of Toledo with a bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration. Currently…

Joseph Prochaska

Joseph Prochaska


I talk too much. This is why I’ve decided to take the next step and become a voluble (and valuable) host for The After Hours Podcast. I also love drinking, which means the local bar owners know me by my full…

Daniel March

Daniel March

Co-Host / Producer

Hello everyone… I’m Daniel, the designated grunt! With over 8 years of experience with audio production, I make sure the podcast sounds as crispy as humanly possible. I’m also a backup host for whenever one…

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